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Harm Reduction Center Services

Whether you want to quit using drugs or just regain some control, Evergreen Health is here for you. On a daily basis, our team provides clean injection equipment, Naloxone/Narcan training, HIV and hepatitis C testing, counseling, medication, and most importantly, the respectful and dignifying care that you deserve.

Our Harm Reduction Center team will help you be safe, improve your health and reduce the risk of overdose.

Evergreen’s Syringe Exchange Program

We provide access to clean syringes and injection works through our free and confidential Syringe Exchange Program. We also provide safer injection information and education about wound care after injection drug use.

Learn more about our walk-in Syringe Exchange.

Substance and drug use treatment

If you are interested in reducing your drug use or quitting, we offer a very accessible and stabilizing buprenorphine (sometimes referred to as Suboxone) treatment program to help manage opioid dependence.

If you are seeking a more structured treatment approach, we can link you to other programs, including Substance Use Counseling and Medication Assisted Treatment at Evergreen.

Overdose prevention training (Narcan) and fentanyl test strips

Narcan is a medication used to reverse the effects of an overdose from opioids, such as heroin, fentanyl, or prescription pain medications. Opioids can slow or stop a person’s breathing, which may cause death. Naloxone (Narcan) keeps them breathing by blocking the body’s ability to absorb opioids, potentially saving a life.

Narcan kits are free at Evergreen Health and training takes less than 10 minutes. Simply go to the Harm Reduction Center and ask for a Narcan kit and training certification. Our team also provides fentanyl test strips. Walk-ins are always welcome.

Anti-stigma and harm reduction education

You can find our team at health fairs, community events and more throughout Western New York to provide education about the harm reduction model and eliminating stigma. We are also available to speak or table at other events.

Advocacy activities

One of the ways our Harm Reduction Center team provides support to our patients is through our advocacy efforts. We advocate across the region and in Albany for initiatives that remove barriers and increase accessibility to care for people who use drugs or other substances.

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