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How PrEP might be a life-changer for you

October 28, 2021

PrEP stands for Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis. It is a medication that prevents HIV. If you are currently HIV negative and have ongoing potential for exposure, PrEP might be right for you.

You must have a negative HIV status to take PrEP, Your doctor will test you for HIV prior to starting PrEP. If a person has a positive HIV test during their visit, they have the opportunity to start treatment right away. People living with HIV who reach Undetectable status, cannot transmit HIV.

Is PrEP safe?

PrEP is safe, with very few people experiencing side effects. Your doctor will determine if PrEP is right for you and follow up with you, including ongoing regular testing for HIV and other sexually transmitted infections.

PrEP prevents HIV transmission when taken regularly, which is a relief for so many patients. PrEP prevents a life-long chronic illness, that although treatable, currently has no cure. Being on PrEP also means you protect your sexual partners from HIV transmission. It is a discreet and convenient option for many individuals.

For some people, remembering to take medication regularly is a struggle. We recommend using alarms or putting the medication next to your toothbrush so you remember to take it. Although PrEP does prevent HIV when taken regularly, it does not prevent other sexually transmitted infections. Your doctor will talk with you about a prevention strategy that works best for your life.

To offset cost as a barrier, Evergreen Health offers insurance provider navigation to ensure that PrEP is accessible. Most people who see an Evergreen provider and use the Evergreen pharmacy pay $0 out of pocket.

Is PrEP right for me?

PrEP provides control for HIV negative individuals. By taking PrEP, you can eliminate your chances of becoming HIV positive. If HIV is a concern for you, PrEP could be a great way to ensure a healthier future.

We recommend PrEP for people who: have sex with multiple and/or anonymous partners, have sex without a condom (regularly or sometimes), are unsure of their sex partners’ HIV status, have recently been diagnosed with an STI/STD, and for those who use injection and/or mood-altering drugs, like methamphetamine, cocaine and ecstasy.

PrEP specialists are available at Evergreen Health to discuss if PrEP is right for you. Just give them a call at 716-847-2441.

PrEP for your future

If you think there’s a chance you could become HIV positive, PrEP might just be a healthy choice for your future. Our specialists will work with you to determine if PrEP is right for you based on your health goals and lifestyle. Call Evergreen Health today for stigma-free healthcare.