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Make 2020 a Year of Self-Care With THRIVE Wellness at Evergreen Health

January 10, 2020

THRIVE Wellness

With every New Year comes a time for reflection on our past and a desire to live a fuller life in the future. You want to eat healthier, balance your work and home life, keep your living spaces clean, travel to distant places, spend more time with friends, family and pets, you name it. So, how do we actually do all these things we resolve?

At Evergreen’s core is the belief that in order to achieve overall wellness, we have to address the multiple aspects of an individual’s health. You can’t treat one aspect of your life while another goes ignored. A person without housing is likely to miss appointments to treat their chronic health condition. Someone with diabetes who doesn’t know how to cook healthy meals is going to struggle more than someone who can. Our health relies not just on going to our doctor appointments, but in our everyday needs being met.

THRIVE Wellness teaches Evergreen primary care patients how to live their best lives, by addressing emotional, nutritional, physical and social needs at no cost. Do you want to finally quit smoking? Our smoking cessation program is perfect for you. Need to learn how to make healthy food choices to lower your BMI or diabetes sugar levels? We have a group for that. Do you just want an artistic social outlet? Try our art therapy group!

At THRIVE everyone can find an activity that is helpful to their wellness goals. Some of THRIVE’s most popular groups include:

  • Yoga
  • Acupuncture
  • Cooking demonstrations and healthy lunches
  • Diabetes education group
  • Smoking cessation group
  • Art therapy and guided imagery
  • HIV education and support group

As a patient of Evergreen’s THRIVE programming, Randy Carson learned how to understand food nutrition labels when he joined the diabetes education group. His health has improved dramatically since joining and he was able to lower his sugar levels all while losing weight.

Like Randy, many patients of THRIVE wellness have been able to obtain the knowledge and tools necessary to keep their new year’s resolution goals on track. However big or small your health goals are, THRIVE Wellness will help guide you through a decade of self-care that you can be proud of, all free of charge. To get connected to a staff member from THRIVE, please call us at 716-847-2441.