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Our Boards

Evergreen Health

Joy Feldman, Esq. – Chair

Nancy Hammond – Vice Chair

Kevin O’Leary – Treasurer

Brian Kawaler, Ph.D. – Secretary

David Scott

Janice Barrett

Kirsten Moysich, Ph.D.

Thomas Owen

Kanika Durland

Karen Brim, R.Ph.

Matthew Feldman, Esq. (ex officio/non-voting member)

Raymond Ganoe (ex officio/non-voting member)

Evergreen Foundation

Martin Steck – Chair

Javier Bustillos – Vice Chair

Brian Kawaler, Ph.D.

David Cyr

Janice Barrett

Joy Feldman, Esq.

Kevin O’Leary

Kyle Morgan

Cannon Flowers

Darnell Haywood

Raymond Ganoe (ex officio/non-voting member)