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Evergreen Statement on Blackbaud Data Breach

Evergreen Health was informed on July 16, 2020 that one of its vendors, Blackbaud, had experienced a data security incident.

Blackbaud is a cloud computing provider utilized by many non-profits, and Evergreen’s use of Blackbaud services pertained to donor database capabilities. Evergreen Health was one of multiple Blackbaud clients and the data breach was not specific to our organization. Blackbaud informed Evergreen that the accessed information, which included donor names, addresses, email addresses, and donation history, has not been published or shared.

As an organization with a multitude of donors, sponsors, and community partners, Evergreen knows the importance of transparency in regards to where and how information provided by its supporters is shared.

Maintaining data security and protecting private information is a top priority for our organization and we know in the healthcare industry—and within all industries–the dangers that come with information being put in the wrong hands and that trust is placed in organizations that can ensure safety and security.

Evergreen has replaced Blackbaud as its third-party vendor support for donor relations activities.

We have contacted those affected within our donor database to notify them of Blackbaud’s breach and inform them of our replacement of this vendor.

We regret that this incident occurred and are confident that we have addressed it to the best of our ability and have made the necessary changes to ensure that our relationships with donors remain positive and that data and information stays safe and secure.

Please send any inquiries regarding this data incident to Richard Ridenour, executive director of the Evergreen Health Foundation, by emailing